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Do you still remember your favorite book? The one you kept reading again and again?
How about hearing from your friends about their favorite books?
Even better, how about watching your friends bringing their favorite books alive?

This is exactly what we did last Friday. In year 2 of „Bucherleben“, the titel is a word play on experiencing books, we had so many entries that we needed two class periods! 
Our students from all grade levels presented everything from quirky videos, stop motion animations, lap books, sketches and much more to creatively share their favorite book with us. The Photoalbum gives you a few glimpses into the event, and here are this year's video entries. 

Abenteuerliche Briefe von Felix
Die Geisterkönigin
Prinzessin auf der Erbse
Harry Potter
Die Drei Ausrufezeichen
Luna und der Katzenbär
Pony Zauberfee
Hier kommt Lola
Millis ungeheures Geheimnis
Pippi Langstrumpf

What originally started out of our desire to balance our students‘ focus on reading English books, …

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